General long hair sites:

The International Long Hair Club Page (TILHC)
SUPERHAARE.DE - a new german long hair site with lots of pictures!
Indianrapunzels - Some really beautiful Indian rapunzels!
Long Hair Mangas - very nice Japanese long hair site with lots of long hair arts!
The Hair Boutique - Unique design and also long hair care & styling tips and products.
The Rapunzel Long Hair Archive - nice new site with pictures and other hair related things
Japanese Long Hair Magazine - a very good site! (english version)

Girls and Ladies wearing long hair:

A new German website of woman with ankle length dark hair is now online! A MUST SEE!

Russian Zaryana Milan - Model with the longest hair in business!

JJJ's Long Hair Photo Page - A very beautiful lady with over 44" blonde, silky hair, will growing it to knee length!
Rapunzel Long Hair Archive - a site with great pictures showing ladies with VERY long hair
My-Hair-Lady - A brand new site setting up by Germany´s top long hair lady Susanne Kalb (finally updated!)

I´ll try to check all links once each month, but please let me know, when a link doesn´t work any longer.
last update: 2. January 2017