You would like to know a bit more about me? Okay, here are some facts about me:

I was born in September 1973 in Germany, so I'm just 44 years young. I spent most of those years in a small town called Guesten which counts about 5´000 inhabitants. In 1990, I graduated from school and then moved to the biggest city in our federal state called Magdeburg.

That's where I stayed for three and a half years and where I did my apprenticeship as an electronical engineer. After finishing that one successfully in 1994 I moved back to my home town.

Now I work in a middle-sized company which is located in the city of Stassfurt that modernises older industrial facilities and builds new ones everywhere in Germany. Just the electric controlling part that is, of course.

In May 2002 I have taken my A-level exam and since October 2002 I am a student at the University of Magdeburg where I study Informatic (computer science). This was long time dream for me. Of course I have to cancel my former job before, but it doesn't matter. I hope the study won't be too time-consuming and I can run this site in the usual way.

Long hair and my own story to it...

I don't know where and when my key-experience was but since my earliest childhood I love long-haired girls. The feature that I noticed first on a girl was her hair. It was for me a measurement for her beauty.

On the first day at school I had an experience that I´ll never forget: For some reason I had this strong desire to kiss a beautiful girl with long, natural curly hair to her small waist that happened to be there, too. She had really curly long hair and I actually did kiss her but later I regretted doing so because I hadn't asked her before. Therefore, the kiss was really spontaneous and I was quite surprised by myself !

Later she has never said a word to me nore has any other classmate available. I was a bit disappointed about that but I told myself that I had made the mistake and that I had to accept her reaction.

Over the years at school I just tried to go out with a few girls but I´ve never meet THE long-haired dreamgirl. They all had rather short hair and that really disappointed me a lot. As you can tell, for me it was a requirement for a girl to have long hair. Two girls in my class grew their hair out to about midback length and than had it cut back into a chin-length bob which I could not understand at the time.

So I really enjoyed travelling to other big cities here in Germany where I could see something that I like so much: long-haired girls. I couldn't (and still can't) get enough of them.

After I had graduated, I had the impression to be alone with my love for long hair and I sometimes even thought I was a bit out of this world. But ever since I found The Long Hair Site (TLHS) on the Internet I realised that there are a lot more long hair lovers in this world. So finally, I can admit having this strong love for long hair and I don't have to suppress it any longer. I can even stand up for it and try to promote the idea of long and very long hair.

Unfortunately, I must say that I´m still single searching for my dreamgirl. I hope meeting her sometime.

Why another long hair related Webpage ?

Since I first bought my first Canon EOS camera in April 1998 I've taken many long-hair street shots some of which were or are displayed at TLHS Gallery. When my stack of pictures exceeded the number of 1000 I realized that would be too much for TLHS's Gallery section alone.

The concept/design of the page is indeed a copy of Frank´s TLHS. I am aware of that, but I was looking for a user friendly and nicely designed site and the system of TLHS happens to be really genius. I couldn't do it any better right now. All of you know the way it works and you can use it without getting used to it first. The only big change is the colour, you can tell the neon-blue is my favourite colour - at the moment. :-) My favourite colour might change from time to time, so don't be surprised !

I have to mention that all the pictures that you'll get to see on my site will be genuine first releases and will not be found on any other site previous to appearing on mine. I know each of my own pictures very well, so please don´t try to offend the copyright.

I tried to create a new web-site that especially presents long haired girls and ladies from Germany. So just relax, admire and enjoy...

There is no nudity or any other sexual aspect to be found on this site due to long hair on a woman representing mainly an object of beauty. Please enjoy the site and feel free to comment on it via E-Mail. (

If you want to contact me via ICQ, it is now also possible, the Number is #27335372.

with best regards