Miss Russia 2012: Elizaveta Golovanova Yet again Russia has presented the most beautiful women on earth at its beauty competition "Miss Russia 2012". Just remember former Miss Russia 2005 Aleksandra Ivanovskaya with her incredible nearly kneelength mane - what a lovely sight she was!
What a luck for us long hair fans: Elizaveta Golovanova (18) has won the competition. She has some lovely and remarkable long hair which she wears in lovely locks at the competition. Another great feature is her great smile and her presens to the audience.

Thanks to Russia for selecting such a 1st. class beauty!

Here are some pictures of this Rapunzel:
Miss Russia 2012 - Picture 1 Miss Russia 2012 - Picture 2 Miss Russia 2012 - Picture 3 Miss Russia 2012 - Picture 4
Miss Russia 2012 - Picture 5 Miss Russia 2012 - Picture 6 Miss Russia 2012 - Picture 7 Miss Russia 2012 - Picture 8
Just take Google for finding more of her!

Some Flickr.com picture I want to share some nice Flickr.com link of course long hair related. If you find something special there, just e-mail them!

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